The National Campus Ministry Association Blog is an online community for campus ministry professionals. We come together to connect with each other and enrich our ministries through dialogue.  We create a welcoming environment for campus ministry professionals to share their perspectives on issues in campus ministry, the religious, faith and spiritual formation of emerging adults and best practices for campus ministry. We welcome diverse theological perspectives and understand that each of us brings  unique gifts to our community.

The Rabbi Nathan Segal sums it up in his song “From you I receive.”

From you I receive,
to you I give,
together we share,
and by this we live.

We welcome you to the NCMA Blog and hope that it will be a vital resource for your ministry!

If you would like to get involved with writing, or even just have a one time piece you’d like to submit to the body, please email Nancy Janisch at and she will be happy to follow up with you and get your post submitted for publication.