Information About Past Conferences

Global Citizenship in the 21st Century- July 15-17, 2015 Albion, Mi (Albion College)


NCMA 50th Anniversary Conference- July 16-18, 2014 (St. Louis, Mo (Washington University)


Multi-faith is the NEW Ecumenical: Authentic Ministry in the 21st Century July 10-12, 2013, Atlanta, GA (Agnes-Scott College)

Special Guests

Brian McLaren, author of Everything Must Change, A Generous Orthodoxy, and
Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road: Christian Identity in a Multi-faith World
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Bob Smith & Beth Bradley, Director and Assistant Director of the Penn State Pasquerilla Center, the one of a kind and state of the art Multi-faith Center in the heart of Penn State’s campus.


2012 Mosaics in Motion: Spiritual Leadership in a Multifaith World

(Co-Sponsored by ACURA, NACUC, and NCMA)

Yale University, New Haven Connecticut

June 25-29, 2012

2011 No longer Jew or Greek: Creating Multicultural Communities Faith  on campus

Westminster House

University of  California, Berkeley

June 22-25, 2011

  • June 22-25, 2011
  • Westminster House, UC Berkeley
  • Featuring Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook, Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Education        Claremont School of Theology


2010 Finding Holy Ground: Converging Streams of Righteousness and Justice

Not your Momma’s Mission Trip!

Exploring models of justice, hearing from organizations working on specific justice issues, and gaining understanding on policy development, this year’s conference offers perspectives on how to get your ministry involved in social justice concerns.

Highlights included:

  • A day out in DC exploring justice models and an opportunity to engage in a specific justice issue
  • 4 separate workshop sessions with 4 workshops per session (Topics include Technology Usage, Fundraising, Board Development, Lamenting and the Psalms, Call and Vocational work with college students, Young Adult formation, Veteran’s Issues, Coffeehouse and Third Place Ministry, Immersions in Israel & Palestine, and more)
  • Opportunities to dialogue on the future of campus ministry and where we go from here
  • A resource display with your comments and recommendations for books and resources for your campus ministry.

2009 God Shows No Partiality – Faith in a Global Perspective

In Cleveland, OH this gathering explored inter-faith relationships on campus.  Steven Prothero offered a keynote calling attention to the reality of religious illiteracy among students and adults alike while David Odell-Scott offered a scholarly examination of biblical passages that appear to argue for Christian exclusivity.

The Blues and Rhythm of Campus Ministry

2008 Convergence: Bridging Ministry

This conference, shortened due to an international gathering that year, focused on nuts and bolts skills, offering three tracks for learning: Campus Ministry 101 for newbies, Campus Ministry 202 for those who’ve been at this awhile, and Congregationally-based campus ministry. Jan Rivero offered keynotes about ministry as hospitality to all three groups.

Convergence: Bridging Ministry

The Blues and Rhythm of Campus Ministry

In Music City USA, this conference explored the blues as a metaphor for the personal challenges of ministry.  Beyond the many fabulous musicians who performed and spoke about music in a spiritual context, Jean Twenge, author of Generation Me, offered a unique presentation about the generational characteristics of Millenials, while James Lawson spoke of his experience integrating the diners of Nashville as a Vanderbilt Divinity student.

Soul Matters (2006 Conference) 2006 Soul Matters: Campus Ministry at the Crossroads

This conference invited attendees to engage in new and creative avenues of worship planning.  Marcia McFee offered stimulating, multi-sensory worship experiences as well as concrete methods of expanding the worship planning circle.  This conference also offered a pre-session Campus Ministry 101 course for anyone entering the field with less than 3 years experience.

2005 Campus Ministry and All that Jazz

Ministry of any sort is an art form, campus ministry no less.  By visiting the many religious venues in the city in which art plays a prominent role, this gathering encouraged participants to incorporate the arts into their work with students.  Keynoter Doug Adams, now deceased, offered many ways in which popular media mimic biblical tales while James Forbes demonstrated the art of the homily at a Riverside Church “Space for Grace” service.


2004  July 1-7– Global Chaplains in Brisbane, Australia
2003 June 27-July 2,  San Antonio, TX (St. Mary’s University)
2002 June 28-July 2,  Chicago, IL (Radisson Hotel (this was with ECMT)
2001 July 7-11,   Hampton, VA (Hampton University)
2000 June 22-28,Vancouver, BC, Canada (University of BC)   Global
1999 June 26-30, Estes Park, CO
1998 June 28-July 2,  New Haven, CT (Yale U)
1997 June 26-30,   San Francisco, CA (U. of San. Francisco)
1996 June 22-28,Durham, ENGLAND (Collingwood College)  Global
1995 July 20-24,Tulsa, OK (University of Tulsa)
1994 August 5-9, E. Lansing, MI (Michigan State)
1993 July 9-13,  Washington, D.C. (Howard U.)
     1.) June 25-28  TX El Paso (UT El Paso)
     2.) June 25-28  Minneapolis (U of Minnesota)
     3.) June 29-31  Fayetteville, AR (Mt. Sequoyah Conference Center)
     4.) July 24-27   Fairbanks, AK (University of Alaska)
1991 June 28-July 1, New Orleans, LA (Dilliard U.)
1990    Cambridge, MA (Episcopal Divinity School)
1989    Berea, OH (Baldwin-Wallace College)
1988    San Diego (UC San Diego)
1987 July 31- August 5, Philadelphia, PA (Univ. of PA)
1986 August 3-7, Durham, NC (Duke U.)
1985  June 23-27, Portland, OR (Lewis & Clark College)
1984 July 16-18,  Ft. Worth, TX (TX Christian U.)
1983 August 8-12,  San Antonio (Mex-Amer Cultural Center)
1982 June 28-July 2,  Washington, DC (Georgetown U)
1981 August 18-22, Berkeley, CA (UC Berkeley)
1980 June 23-26,  Denver, CO (CO Women’s College)
1979 August 6-9, St. Paul, MN (Macalester College)
1977 August 2-6,  Berea, KY (Berea College)
1975 August 10-13, Boulder, CO (U. Of Colorado)
1973    Chicago, IL,  Rougemont, NC…. August 5-9, 1973  Denver, CO (COWomen’s College)
1972    Chicago, IL
1971    Chicago, IL
1970    Chicago, IL
1969    Chicago, IL
1967 June 19-23, E. Lansing (Michigan State)
1966 June 23-25, Athens, GA (U. of Georgia)
1965 June 23-26, 1965  E. Lansing (Michigan State)
1964 October 27-28, 1964  St. Louis, MO *Founding Gathering*