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Help us out by taking FIVE MINUTES and sending us your best programming idea you’ve had in a while.  Your ideas will be posted along with others.

Maybe it’s a sermon series you are doing, maybe just a service project. Maybe it’s even an alternative break you did.  TELL US!!!  If we work together, everyone’s ideas will spur lots of new ones and you’ll be able to get ideas as well from others.

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Ralley in the Valley

Rally in the Valley brings together representatives of fellowship groups every April from community colleges across Virginia.
Rally in the Valley is an interdenominational convocation of fellowship groups from across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Groups from the state’s 23 community colleges are invited to participate in a day of worship, sharing, music, inspiring ideas, and support. This event is held annually in April at Blue Ridge Community College and sponsored by Community College Ministries and typically attracts over 100 fellowship leaders and group members from all faith perspectives

Submitted By: Steve Darr
Community College Ministries at community colleges in southwestern Virginia

Alliance for Excellence

Alliance for Excellence promotes achievement among African American students through a partnership of colleges and the Black Church.
Since 1986, Alliance for Excellence has offered motivational seminars, visiting scholars, scholarships, service, college visits, and recognition of academic excellence and achievement with African American children, youth, and college students. Alliance is a partnership of area community colleges and the Black Church, representing congregations of the Baptist General Convention, the Cherrystone Missionary Baptist Association, COGIC, UMC, Presbyterian, and other denominations. Each year, over 1000 students participate in a variety of regional seminars, speaker series, college visits, service, and academic recognition programs. Please contact us at about how to create a similar partnership around your campus and with your congregations.

Submitted By: Steve Darr
Community College Ministries at community colleges in southwestern Virginia

(Mission Trip)

Greenwork is a partnership of groups and global communities responding to climate change through applied projects and technology!
Greenwork is an emerging new partnership of service organizations and volunteer teams working with communities around the world to respond to climate change through applied green projects and technology! Volunteer teams can work on projects such as sustainable housing construction in rural Vietnam, installing alternative energy sources of wind and solar on schools in isolated communities to reduce dependency on carbon sources, building and installing aquaponics projects and school gardens in many different locations around the world to demonstrate new ways to use local resources, installing simple biogas systems in agricultural settings, installing simple water purification systems to improve community health, and teaching climate change and environmental responsibility in schools and communities worldwide. Projects are available for 1-4 weeks in many locations. Projects are planned, coordinated, and supervised by Greenwork staff for groups typically of 10 or more participants and include all logistics, risk assessment, and management. If you’d like more information about how your group could be involved, please contact Beth Wright at or check out more details at!

Submitted By: Steve Darr
Community College Ministries at community colleges in southwestern Virginia

(Mission Trip)

Peacework offers service partnerships around the world in education, construction, entrepreneurship, school gardens, environmental, and cross-cultural engagement!
Peacework offers affordable and meaningful service partnerships around the world in education, construction, entrepreneurship, environmental, and cross-cultural engagement! Peacework has developed projects in communities uniquely suited to mission immersion and partnership. Projects include school gardens in the townships of South Africa, constructing sustainable rural housing in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, health assessment and services in Malawi, working with children and youth from Russia and Eastern Europe, river and forest reclamation in the Caribbean region, entrepreneurship among youth in Asia and Africa and Latin America, repairing schools damaged by tropical storms in Dominica and the Bahamas, working with local youth on job and life skills from Jamaica and India to Thailand, installing alternative solar and wind energy sources on island nations, and other opportunities. Long-term collaboration is ideal but projects are tremendous opportunities for building global relationships and contributing to development. Peacework provides thorough project planning, risk assessment and management, and staffing for teams of 10 or more and projects typically from 1-4 weeks anytime of the year. Contact Steve Darr at 540-230-8581 for more information. Our staff across the country can also provide a presentation to your group. Explore more at

Submitted By: Steve Darr
Community College Ministries at community colleges in southwestern Virginia

Modern Mystery Plays

Modern day telling of Biblical stories.
We have a student script writing competition turning stories from the Bible into modern-day progressive narratives. We then cast the plays and produce them for the campus and larger community.

Submitted By: Howard Cavner
Ekklesia at Missouri State University

Freshmen Survival Guide

A Six week long program for Freshman designed to help with integration into college.
Using the book, Freshman Survival Guide, our campus ministry spends about 6-8 weeks each fall with the incoming freshman class talking about anything from living with roommates to eating healthy to sexuality and alcohol on campus. The book itself is a gem, worthy of at least a few dollars on every campus minister’s shelf. I find that the students when given a copy may only glance at it, but the discussions can be extremely worthwhile, plus it gives your community an excuse to get those freshman to hang around once a week leading up to the fall retreat.

Submitted By: J Cody Nielsen
Wesley Foundation University of Minnesota

Christian Yoga

Yoga with Christian and Jewish oriented meditations at beginning and end.
At the University of Miami all students are automatically members of the Wellness Center, so they have access to things like yoga classes for free. As a chaplaincy, I need to have a gimmick. so I’ve decided to give yoga a twist by calling it “Christian yoga.” (You can just as easily do “Jewish yoga” or “Muslim yoga” as well. In the West we tend to emphasize the workout aspect of yoga and de-emphasize the meditation part. I will have a somewhat longer period of meditation at the beginning and the end of the session. A real yoga instructor will lead the class, but I will do the meditations. — This is a new idea and I will only be starting this on August 26th. I have no idea if it will fly or not, but it’s worth a shot. — Tea and cookies or something like that will be served after the class to allow for some interaction between the students and between me and the students.

Submitted By: Frank Corbishley
Episcopal Church Center at University of Miami (Florida)

A Study On Forgiveness
(Study, Service)

A Study on Forgiveness: Exploring Avenues to Offer and Receive
During a 3-week period in January, I teach a 3-hour a day class utilizing The Book of Forgiving (Tutu), Forgiveness is a Process (Enright) and the Shack (Young). I begin with a self-portrait and a personal timeline as students begin to tell their story and unveil a testimony within. I infuse DVD’s (The Heart of Texas, The Power of Forgiveness, Dakota 38, The Human Experience, Seven Pounds, YouTube “Luggage” by Bell, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, other videos on the the genocide in Rwanda, Lost Boys, others. The stories shared open dialogues beyond my belief and offer a healthy step in the student’s faith development. A daily reflection journal and a final creative projects are always amazing, Students also created simple workshops for children, youth and young adults. This year I am taking the class to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to look at Suffering and Forgiveness

Submitted By: Kenneth Meissner
Buena Vista University

Insight Bound Pre-Orientation Meeting
(Outreach, Prayer Station)

This is a pre-orientation program retreat with upper class and faculty to explore how contemplative practices can enhance the college experience.
Insight Bound Orientation Program at Denison! Up to 24 members of the Class of 2019 will leave campus for a nearby retreat center with upperclass students and faculty advisors to explore how contemplative practices can enhance the college experience: finding good friends, “right-fitting” clubs and activities, probing off-campus experiences, cultivating service-mindedness, and building a balanced resume. Along the way, we’ll make new friends, establish personalized patterns of thinking and doing… and have some fun!

During this three-day experience, participants will learn and share how mindful practices can help sustain a vibrant college experience. Things like setting daily routines with specific time set aside to reflect, relax, or stretch out our bodies and minds can help us feel healthy and focused. These practices of mind are proven to strengthen the brain and improve qualities of the mind, to help with clarifying priorities, and to reduce stress and transform our impulses of response to various situations. In this period of transition to college life, creating a base structure of conscious choices for personal needs can provide stability and become the launching pad for four years of growth, learning, and benefits for daily routines.

This program will take place from Tuesday, August 18, when students will arrive on campus and go to the retreat center, to Friday, August 21, when the group will return to campus. The cost of this program is $250, and Pell Grant recipients may attend at no charge. This cost covers the price of the off-campus site and all meals. Students who apply for this trip should be ready to spend time reflecting on their identities, individual truths, and daily choices, but this program is for everyone who wants to improve their mindfulness. No experience is necessary! Those accepted into the program will be notified by JULY 1, 2015.

Submitted By: Mark R. Orten
Denison University 

International Coffee

Creating a time and space to welcome the sojourner While many US universities are doing a wonderful job of recruiting international students, it has remained extremely difficult to foster meaningful intercultural relations. At it’s core this program is as simple as brewing some coffee and tea and setting aside the time and space for conversation. Start by going to the international office and share that you are interested in helping international students adjust to the US and share cultures. Ask if they will help you promote this event. (At most state universities it is helpful to stress that your focus will be on hospitality not evangelism.) Then recruit a handful of US persons with international sensibilities to help. I’ve found this a great way to invite persons from local congregations to become involved. I have found that the best time for international students is usually late in the week because they often feel overwhelmed by studies. This is one of the few programs that I have found if you advertise it they will come. Create special events on a regular basis to draw in new students (chocolate making around Valentine’s day, carve pumpkins, dye Easter eggs etc). Keep all activities free or very cheap.

Submitted By: Rob Kirby
United Campus Ministry Montana State University Billings 

Chocolate Making
(International, Social)

Provide supplies to make simple valentines chocolates I’m always looking for special activities to do to give our students another reason to invite friends to event. Around Valentine’s day we promote this event. We typically charge a nominal fee for each box (a must to prevent a chocolate binge). Keep it fairly simple by using molds and decorations. This year I am simply using store bought chocolate hearts putting them on mini pretzels, popping them in the microwave for a few seconds, and decorating them when cool. I will also provide little boxes to wrap them in.

Submitted By: Rob Kirby
United Campus Ministry Montana State University Billings 

Snowman Contest
(Social, Outreach)

Inviting students across campus to make their most creative snowman over a given month and upload to Instagram. This is a great activity for those of us who live in Northern climes that can really help get the name of your ministry out there. I love to see Calvin and Hobbes snowmen come to life. Invite students to make their most creative snowman and upload it to Instagram. Partner with your student union to help spread the word widely across the campus. Offer a free pizza party for the winning snowman. This activity can really go viral.

Submitted By: Rob Kirby
United Campus Ministry Montana State University Billings 

Dust to Dust Prayer Prayer Station
(Ash Wed, Worship)

Creating saw dust men as form of prayer Print out some pictures for reflection and a page reading “We were created from dust, and we would still be dust with out God. Create a man just as God would have done with the saw dust on the table. Then sweep away the creation symbolizing our mortality. Spend time contemplating your mortality.” Place these under a glass top table (or an old storm window). put some piles of saw dust on top. (Idea from one of my many creative students at the U of L Wesley Foundation.)

Submitted By: Rob Kirby
United Campus Ministry Montana State University Billings 

Footprints Prayer Station
(Prayer Station, Worship)

Leave wet foot prints and contemplate journey with God. The prayer station consists of a long sheet of fabric, a wet floor mat and a dry floor mat. Have students step on the wet floor mat, walk across the fabric leaving foot prints, and dry feet off. Have a sign at the beginning inviting students to contemplate their journey with God. You can provide some pictures along the way (a caravan across the desert, climbing a mountain, walking through the woods etc). The challenge of this prayer station is to get the first mat wet but not too wet.

Submitted By: Rob Kirby
United Campus Ministry Montana State University Billings