About NCMA

The National Campus Ministry Association

With other people of faith, The National Campus Ministry Association is committed to working together to create a world that is open, reconciling, and affirming. We celebrate our diversities and welcome members without regard to race, gender, nationality, age, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities or economic means.


NCMA’s mission is to educate, equip, and advocate for the practice of ministry in higher education.


NCMA desires to become a dynamic, resourceful and inclusive movement for the development and revitalization of professional campus ministry in the United States.


With over four decades of advocacy, collegiality, and commitment to ministry in higher education, The National Campus Ministry Association offers support for personal and professional growth to those engaged in campus ministry, full or part time, clergy or laity through:

  1. Maintaining a network for mutual support and resources, including the Partnership Program which pairs new campus ministers with experienced mentors
  2. Encouraging collegiate support and dialogue in each of its five regions
  3. Providing national conferences to our constituency
  4. Coordinating a shared ministry with denominational groups in national and international settings
  5. Providing scholarship support to first- time attenders at the annual conference
  6. Promoting regional ecumenical events for staff and students
  7. Providing a concentrated voice to the national denominational collegiate ministry offices
  8. Maintaining an interactive web site for members and others invested in higher education ministry

Our Core Values

The following core values reflect what is at the heart of the National Campus Ministry Association.  These values transcend our individual ministries and members.  As a community of faith we hold fast to these values because we believe that this is the essence of our identity as colleagues in ministry in higher education.

The National Campus Ministry Association upholds and seeks to embody these core values:

  • Integrity, ethics, and accountability
  • Faithful community defined by ecumenism
  • Professional and spiritual growth
  • Honoring the intellectual enterprise